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Knowledge points of machinery classification safety production technology

Mechanical classification

According to the use of machinery, machinery can be roughly divided into 10 categories:

1. Power machinery (prime mover): electric motor, internal combustion engine, steam engine and combined power plant used in places without power supply;

2. Metal cutting machinery: lathe, drilling machine, boring machine, grinding machine, gear processing machine, thread processing machine, milling machine, planer, broaching machine, electric machining machine, forging machine, other machine tools;

3. Metal forming machinery: forging machinery, casting machinery;

4. Transportation machinery: automobiles, trains, ships, airplanes;

5. Hoisting and transportation machinery: crane, conveyor, elevator, winch;

6. Construction machinery: excavator, scraper, construction crane, compactor, pile driver, steel bar cutter, concrete mixer, pavement machine, rock drill, line engineering machinery and other special construction machinery;

7. Agricultural machinery: tractor, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery machinery;

8. General machinery: pumps, fans, compressors, valves, vacuum equipment, separation machinery, gearbox, drying equipment, gas purification equipment;

9. Light industrial machinery: textile, food processing, printing, pharmaceutical, paper-making machinery;

10. Special machinery: metallurgy, coal mining, chemical industry, petroleum machinery;

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