Zhongkan Beier (Tangshan)

EnvironmentalProtectionTechnology Co., Ltd


High tech Enterprises

Business license

A kind of reducer

Sealing device of input and output shaft end

nine thousand

Certificate of Xinyuan Machinery

A single servo drive

Multi axis stepless feed mechanism

A roll bearing seat with waterproof function

A continuous tapping machine for heating furnace

A fast traverse mechanism for two high mill

A push rod driving device of double friction roller tapping machine

A quick dismantling structure of vertical roll for universal rolling mill

A hydraulic turnover mechanism for flexible dummy bar of small continuous caster

A connecting shaft bracket of rolling mill

A synchronous mechanism of double cylinder pusher

Enterprise honor

Famous trademark of Hebei Province and Tangshan

Zhongkan Beier (Tangshan)

Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

contact number0315-5011538   Company emailtsfrxyjx678@sina.com     Company addressTangshan (Fengrun).China Motor City Industrial Park

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