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High quality development of machinery manufacturing industry

The 2019 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition with the theme of "new generation of intelligent construction machinery" was ceremoniously opened. Hitachi construction machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which ranks the 4th among the "top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers in 2019", is one of the most attractive exhibitors in this exhibition.

As an old brand construction machinery manufacturer, Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is a "frequent visitor" in the world's major construction machinery exhibitions every year. Therefore, Cheng Xiaoming, chairman and general manager of Hitachi construction machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., who led the team to appear at the Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition, was asked the most questions about his impression of the exhibition.


Cheng Xiaoming, chairman and general manager of Hitachi construction machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

It indicates that the mechanical engineering exhibition in Changsha will be younger than that in other countries, which indicates that the development potential of China's mechanical engineering industry will be much younger than that of foreign mechanical engineering industry. "Young people's coming to the exhibition shows, to a certain extent, that they are interested in this industry. Maybe they are workers in this industry, and they may also want to join this industry in the future." In addition, he was deeply impressed by the warm and thoughtful service of the conference staff and the down-to-earth and pragmatic work style of the conference. "I think it has something to do with the character of Hunan people and the local culture of Hunan." Cheng Xiaoming said.

Founded in 1970 in Tokyo, Japan, Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is the world's leading equipment supplier and solution provider. For a long time, Hitachi construction machinery has achieved good reputation in terms of its advanced nature, reliability, durability, cost-effective, economic and environmental protection.

Cheng Xiaoming said that as an international brand, Hitachi construction machinery hopes to contribute to the Chinese market not only by providing products, technology or customer service, but also by contributing to the development of China's mechanical engineering industry, such as introducing and exchanging some mature circulation and leasing experience in foreign industries.

In Cheng Xiaoming's view, China's construction machinery industry is in the transition stage: the market competition is fierce, but many competition is not around customer service, but price competition. However, the competition with price reduction as the core can not maintain the sustainable development of construction machinery market. "When I was working in Japan, I happened to catch up with the upgrading and transformation of the circulation of construction machinery and equipment, from the previous focus on sales to the current focus on leasing. We can see that in this process, those enterprises that only relied on low prices to attract customers for immediate benefits were basically eliminated by the market after 20 or 30 years. All the remaining enterprises are centered on serving the needs of customers. " "In this regard, Japanese enterprises can teach Chinese enterprises relevant experience: sound competition and sustainable development of enterprises are based on good customer service," Cheng said

It is reported that at this exhibition, Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. demonstrated the latest excavator technology and multi-functional application, as well as the consite system currently being implemented. This is an intelligent comprehensive response system independently developed by Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., which aims to save customers in the use and management of machines and save maintenance costs.

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