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Hunan Manufacturing Going Forward by Waves | "Industrial Agglomeration" Drives the Park to Improve Quality and Efficiency

Editor's note: The park is an important carrier for the development of real economy and industry, and it is also the main front to promote the high-quality development of Hunan. In 2019, 144 industrial parks in Hunan achieved a total income of 4.87 trillion yuan in technology, industry and trade, and 14 parks with 100 billion yuan. The parks have become an important platform for Hunan to promote industrialization, urbanization and high-quality development of regional economy. In order to show the typical experience and practice of high-quality development of Hunan park industry and play a leading role in demonstration, from October 28, Red Net launched a series of reports on "Hunan Manufacturing Marching Forward by Waves", which reflected the experience of Hunan park industry first and foremost from multiple dimensions and perspectives, and cracked the password of high-quality development of Hunan park industry.

Hunan Manufacturing Going Forward by Waves | Decoding and Manufacturing the "Intellectual Creation" Track of a Strong Province Time journalist Tong Miao reports from Changsha Shanhe intelligent production line in Changsha Economic Development Zone.

Shanhe intelligent production line in Changsha Economic Development Zone.


Shanhe intelligent production line in Changsha Economic Development Zone.


General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China that it is necessary to promote China's industry to the high end of the global value chain and cultivate a number of world-class advanced manufacturing clusters. 

In recent years, according to the principles of rational layout, industrial synergy, resource conservation and ecological environmental protection, Hunan has planned the layout, functional orientation and ecological reconstruction of clusters. Actively build an advanced manufacturing cluster network, and the cluster development has achieved remarkable results. 

At present, Hunan construction machinery and rail transit equipment industrial clusters have entered the preliminary competition of national advanced manufacturing clusters, and 17 industrial clusters have been included in the provincial advanced manufacturing clusters; The industrial agglomeration effect has gradually emerged, and the park has become a bearing platform for 20 emerging advantageous industrial chains; The economic scale of 10 provincial-level industrial characteristic towns is constantly expanding, and the intensive situation is obvious.

Demonstration leads the development of advanced manufacturing clusters

Raise the flag for orientation and guide the way forward.

Hunan adheres to market leading and government guidance, focuses on its characteristic advantages, and vigorously promotes the development of industrial intensive agglomeration according to the "3+3+2" industrial cluster cultivation and development ideas.

Focus on cultivating and developing three world-class advanced manufacturing clusters of construction machinery, rail transit equipment and small and medium-sized aero engines, and three state-level advanced manufacturing clusters of electronic information, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection; Focus on cultivating and expanding a number of high-growth strategic emerging industrial clusters such as biomedicine, new energy and intelligent networked vehicles, new energy and power equipment, and prefabricated buildings; Accelerate the promotion and development of a number of traditional advantageous industrial clusters with Hunan characteristics, such as non-ferrous metals, agricultural machinery, ecological green food, high-end textiles and clothing, and characteristic light industry.

At present, Hunan is preparing and drafting two documents: "Implementation Plan for Accelerating the Cultivation of Advanced Manufacturing Clusters in Hunan Province" and "Opinions on Accelerating the Cultivation of Advanced Manufacturing Clusters in Hunan Province". At the same time, actively participate in the national advanced manufacturing cluster competition, and develop the provincial advanced manufacturing cluster. In 2019, Changsha construction machinery and Zhuzhou rail transit equipment industry entered the preliminary competition of the national advanced manufacturing cluster competition. Leading by demonstration, actively promote the focused development of advanced manufacturing clusters.

Taking Xiangtan Economic Development Zone as an example, the park realizes the development of industrial clusters by extending the chain and supplementing the excellent chain. In view of Liyuan's automobile and parts industry, it actively extends to both ends of the "smile curve", forming a whole industrial chain with Geely Automobile and Thornton New Energy as the leaders, covering the whole vehicle, parts, education, training, research and development, testing, sales, culture and tourism.Loudi High-tech Zone, led by No.31 Middle Source, successfully strived for the transfer of road construction machinery, mainly road rollers and graders, from Sany Group to the high-tech zone for complete machine production. While becoming the leading enterprise in No.31 Middle School, a number of supporting enterprises such as Hunan Shi Niu Automobile, Zhongsheng Machinery and Jin Xin Science and Technology have settled in one after another. The industrial chain has been continuously improved and the industrial level has been continuously improved, creating an advanced equipment manufacturing industry chain.

The reporter learned that according to the plan, by 2025, Hunan will strive to make a breakthrough in the echelon construction of advanced manufacturing clusters, so that many world-class enterprises and research institutes will gather in Hunan, and the cluster innovation capability will rank in the forefront of the country. The level of cluster network cooperation will be continuously enhanced, and the international cooperation and exchanges of clusters will be frequent, which will initially have strong international competitiveness and influence and become an important support for the construction of a strong manufacturing province.Cultivate industrial agglomeration in cluster parks and promote differential developmentHunan focuses on the main and special industries with distinctive characteristics and outstanding advantages, gives full play to its comparative advantages, promotes the construction of characteristic industrial parks, fosters the development of leading industrial clusters, and talks about heroes in terms of acres.At present, the park has become a bearing platform for 20 emerging advantageous industrial chains, and has formed 15 billion industrial clusters such as construction machinery, rail transit equipment, steel, petrochemical synthetic materials, non-ferrous metals, food processing, biomedicine and electronic information. Rail transit equipment, machinery manufacturing, small and medium-sized aero engines, light alloys, petrochemical synthesis, energy storage materials, electronic information and food processing are gathering and developing in the park- Projects such as Sany Zhilian Heavy Truck, Deutz Engine and Zhonglian Smart Industry City started, and the main economic indicators of the construction machinery industry chain reached the best level in history; CRRC Zhuji won the manufacturing task of 250 km/h EMU, the world's first intelligent manufacturing workshop for rail transit bogies was put into operation, and the industrial chain of advanced rail transit equipment was extended; The IGBT high-power device industry chain has comprehensively broken through the most advanced sixth-generation products in the world, realizing a major leap from "following" to "parallel" with international giants; In 2019, the leading industry of Ningxiang High-tech Zone Battery Materials Demonstration Base achieved a scale industrial added value of 14.33 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.73%; Zhuzhou High-tech Zone Small and Medium Aeroengine Characteristic Park is a leading small and medium-sized aviation industry cluster integrating design, research and development and manufacturing in China. Small and medium-sized aero-engines and industrial gas turbines occupy 90% and 50% of the domestic market share respectively; Yueyang Petrochemical, Zhuzhou Rail Transit, Loudi Fine Steel and Sheet Deep Processing, Changsha Economic Development Zone Automobile and Parts Manufacturing, Construction Machinery, etc. have all successfully entered the "100 billion" industrial cluster ... According to statistics, more than 70% of the "Five 100" major industrial projects, about 75% of major scientific and technological innovation projects, about 80% of major product innovation projects, and about 90% of newly introduced top 500 enterprises have gathered in provincial parks and above. The industrial concentration of the parks in the province reached 69.7%, the concentration of leading industries reached 60.8%, the tax output intensity per unit area was 99,000 yuan/mu, and the GDP per unit area was 845,200 yuan/mu. In the next step, Hunan will further accelerate the establishment of demonstration bases of new industrialized industries, and guide demonstration bases of different industries and regions to give full play to their comparative advantages, and form industrial clusters with distinctive features, outstanding advantages and differentiated development. Relying on the existing state-level economic development zones, high-tech zones and provincial industrial parks (industrial concentration zones), we will promote the convergence of industries, knowledge and technology, talents and services to the base and promote the cluster development of leading industries with the characteristics of the park. The intensive situation of industrial characteristic towns rooted in fertile soil is obvious On August 18, 2018, Du Jiahao, secretary of the provincial party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, demanded that a number of characteristic industrial towns with harmonious symbiosis and integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries should be vigorously cultivated and developed in Linxiang City, and the upstream and downstream industrial chains should be continuously extended to form agglomeration effects, enhance local openness and popularity, and better promote county economic development. In April 2019, the first batch of six characteristic industrial towns were awarded; In October of the same year, the second batch of four characteristic industrial towns were awarded. In 2019, the total output value of characteristic industries in 10 characteristic industrial towns in Hunan was 72.387 billion yuan, an increase of 24.7% over 2018; The tax revenue of characteristic industries was 1,173.51 million yuan, an increase of 27.3% over 2018. Since the award, the market share of characteristic products in industrial towns has gradually increased. The market share of the characteristic fireworks industry in Dayao Fireworks Town of Liuyang City was 27.8%, an increase of 10.32% compared with last year; The production and sales of buoy e-commerce in Linxiang buoy town account for more than 80% of the national market share; The casting output of precision casting town in Jiahe County accounts for more than 40% of the casting output in our province, and Jiahe's casting enterprises in Guangdong occupy 30% of the market share in the Pearl River Delta region. Ten characteristic industrial towns are named after leading industries, and some towns have a long history of industrial development, with obvious industrial agglomeration and intensive development trend. For example, Dayao Fireworks Town is the hometown of Li Yi, the ancestor of fireworks, which has a history of more than 1,400 years. At present, it has become the largest distribution center of fireworks and raw and auxiliary materials in the world, forming a complete fireworks industry chain and promoting the development of fireworks industry. The ceramic industry in Liling Multicolored Ceramics Characteristic Industry Town has a history of more than 2,000 years, with a complete range of ceramic products. There are 84 ceramic enterprises in the town, with an output value of 11.89 billion yuan in 2019. In the future, Hunan will support characteristic industrial towns to enjoy the "Several Policies of Accelerating the Market-oriented Construction and Operation of Industrial Parks in Hunan Province" and promote the market-oriented reform of the construction and operation of characteristic industrial towns. Promote one town and one policy, study the management system of characteristic industrial towns according to local conditions, innovate the working mechanism of construction of characteristic industrial towns, promote the sustainable economic development of characteristic industrial towns, and guide characteristic industrial towns to truly become a new carrier to aggregate resources and popularity and enhance characteristic industries. Encourage the construction of characteristic industrial towns to transform and upgrade to intelligence, digitalization and informationization, and take accelerating the improvement of intelligent manufacturing level and cultivating and developing intelligent manufacturing products as the main direction of building high-end industries in characteristic industrial towns.

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